Thursday, July 06, 2006

Come on down!

July is just plain busy. I'll post some pictures here soon from the Fourth of July, and even a video of some fireworks too! Tonight I'm at Hershey Park with friends and their family - which we also did a year ago, right after I moved here - looking forward!
I hope you'll join me this Sunday for a concert at Gretna Music - and maybe some ice cream too! I first heard pianist Anna Polonsky last fall (I wrote about it here and here) and was really impressed, so when it was time to choose a concert to give the preconcert discussion, I crossed my fingers and wahlah, I'm on for her concert. There are some preview to notes and musical examples here and here.

I'm also finishing up my new solo violin piece, The Seven Deadly Cindys - the world premiere is July 22nd in Cleveland.
So lots more ahead, and I'll post when I can!

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