Monday, July 03, 2006

Ebb and flow

A lovely weekend in NYC - and the wonderful waves of sound from Bargemusic. The actual motion of the East River is quite odd to experience with classical music. The effects (and really it wasn't from the martinis and wine!) were felt even afterwards at dinner! I had joked all week about pirates, the barge and the need for motion sickness pills - none needed thank goodness.
The weather was gorgeous, if not a little warm, muggy even. I met tons of Wendy's friends, they were all really sweet and talented. Of course, the music world is quite small and so many connections were made. It was sort of fun, between a "How do YOU know Wendy?" - six degrees of separation and "Wendy, this is your life" or Wendy Anonymous, "Hi, I'm John and I know Wendy." Quite humorous were the seating arrangements, that held 8 chairs for "Werner." Also, the restaurant, named Pete's, was so close - maybe a block away, that we ended up there before the concert, after the concert, and also the next afternoon. A fun task was trying to name complicated, simple or any dish really, after "Pete" (as the menu already had several Pete selections.)
It were many wedding parties present on the dock, and quite interesting to see various poses for pictures (often not poses you would expect) - but the backdrop of the city was stunning nonetheless. As the evening grew later, seeing Manhattan "light up just for you" was most excellent.
The trip back was not so wonderful. A five hour delay (no joking!) from Amtrak with a major problem with the tracks outside of Philadelphia led to a bus ride back to Harrisburg, arriving at 4:30 this morning. Yikes! But I have to say, despite that, it was worth it.

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