Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Friday night Paul and I were joined by another guitarist at St. Thomas Roasters - it was more of a rehearsal than performance - no crowd, but good coffee! And a nice "warm up" for a fundraiser we'll play at the end of July.

Saturday found me drenched by happy in NYC. I started down in the village having an excellent brunch at Shopsins. (I also passed by a place I'll investigate in the near future recommended by my hip hop harpist, Hudson Bar and Books.) Then my friend Stu met up with me and we did some shopping, eating and touring. Quite sobering was the WTC site, and we also popped down to the Statute of Library (I hadn't been that far south in Manhattan for forever!) We headed back to the village and had some drinks with the oh so fun staff at Mr. Denneheys. Tribecca is in our future though - let me know if you have any recommendations for dinner/bars et al.

Sunday we enjoyed bagels on the square in Milford and headed back to the city. While I was waiting for another friend and brunch (again at Shopsins - yum!), I enjoyed an excellent cigar - really the first time all weekend to sit and think. After brunch I interviewed a young conductor, Keri-Lynn Wilson at the Cafe d'Artiste. I then made my way to Lincoln Center for another cigar and a bit of relaxation. I caught the subway down to Penn Station and I was on my way back to Harrisburg.

Monday was back to work and a meeting with folks, which turned out lovely. I'm not sure if it will work out, but I've been asked to be on the board of a local music organization. We'll see, but fun people nonetheless. Also sweet to run into Stu's girlfriend, Julia while at Cafe Fresco - sort of bookending my weekend having just seen him! Sadly, Julia is going to WAMC in NY - all the best kiddo!

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