Tuesday, June 13, 2006

DSCH, Harry Potter and Wolfie

Gettysburg College's Schmucker Hall
Yesterday I gave a talk to 36 young musicians at Gettysburg College for the Next Generation Festival and WITF. Trio Lunaire, the apprentices at the festival, joined me and were gracious to play Shostakovich's Piano Trio #2. We had some fun, singing musical themes and scales (it was a choral camp) and heard them put to use in the trio.
Particularly fun were some of the questions that the trio and I fielded. Also especially nice was seeing so many of them at the concert that evening, All Mozart with Awadagin Pratt and friends.

So what does the title or my talk have to do with Harry Potter? Compare a picture of a young Dmitri Shostakovich with the actor who portrays Harry Potter and you'll see...the kids seemed to get it ;)

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