Friday, June 16, 2006

Weekend update

Well, sort of...perhaps Weekend preview is a better title...anyway, the Next Generation Festival continues this evening at LVC in Annville. New artists and new repertoire, should be fun, come on out! (more on the festival here.)
Congrats to the Hershey Bears for their Calder Cup victory! Go Bears! They won game 6 in Milwaukee 5 to 1. I'll have to wear my Bears cap with pride this summer!
Tune in on Saturday for an interview I did with Don Campbell, the author of The Mozart Effect. He's just released a new cd for "Dads and dads-to-be" of Mozart's music. It will air during Weekend America on WITF between 1 and 3pm and repeats between 3 and 5pm.

Finally, have you seen this Dodge commercial for their Caliber? Its rather cute and the fairy quite appealing - doesn't she remind you of Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) a little bit?

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