Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bachelor Brahms

Yes, I know that blog title almost sounds like a bad ABC reality show, sorry!
This next week I have Brahms' Third Symphony in the afternoon on Classical Air. I always have great music, and almost always a "large" celebrated work in my shift...but this particular work resonates with me, as does the composer.
You see, Johannes and myself have quite a bit in common. At least a few viewpoints...I wouldn't actually ever compare myself to him, neither as a musician or composer, but indulge me for a minute.

The first connection I make between Brahms is with cigars. I love seeing those pictures of Brahms taking a walk and smoking a cigar. There is something both relaxing and reflective when smoking a cigar.

Brahms was also a bachelor, which may be the larger part of my affinity with him. His friend and fellow musician Joseph Joachim once had a motto, Frei aber einsam - Free but lonely. In fact, Brahms, Schumann and Dietrich went so far as to write a sonata for Joachim, known as the FAE sonata (yes, it uses those notes, F-A-E in it!) which of all the movements, only Brahms' Scherzo (Sonatensatz) is played regularly.
Brahms was fifty years old when he wrote the Third Symphony, and it starts off with his own motto, Frei aber Froh - Free but happy.

The musical motif is F-A-F.

I also have friends who will refer to me as Johannes (or Johann) - so in a way we share a first name.

I'm going to enjoy a cigar and be happy, I am free.

Oh, and neither of us are on this list...go figure!

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