Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mutter vs. Mutter

Early and late recordings of Mozart with Anne-Sophie Mutter... an audio comparison.

When Anne-Sophie was 19, she recorded the 2nd and 4th Violin Concerti by Mozart with the Philharmonia Orchestra and Ricardo Muti (Angel/EMI).

Then at the age of 42, Anne-Sophie re-recorded all of the Mozart Violin Concerti, this time with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and herself conducting (DG).
Hear Anne-Sophie's first and latest recordings of the 4th Violin concerto. They are different! I think the first recording is more together in ensemble, but that the latest recording has a much better sound. The tempos now are much faster than the 1982 set - which is very interesting.

First part of the Angel set [mp3]

First part of the DG set [mp3]

2nd part of the Angel set [mp3]

2nd part of the DG set [mp3]

Cadenza of the Angel set [mp3]

Cadenza of the DG set [mp3]

And as always...the most fun part, mixed together!!!

Both parts of the first example [mp3]

Both parts of the 2nd example [mp3]

Both cadenzas [mp3]

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