Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Literally Literary

I like to post occassionally about what I'm reading, and will share in these pages what the current book is now and then...if I think it will get comments, share if it is especially good or bad...well you get the idea.
So I'm reading rather slowly (no fault of the book or author, it's my schedule!) James R Gaines' Evening in the Palace of Reason. You couldn't ask for more compelling writing and story telling in what could be potentially dry matter. It's fascinating really and I'll make it to the end in due time (I'm sure it'll be completed in my late night reading or on several upcoming train trips to NYC.)
I also started a book by one of my mentors, Andy Trudeau: his Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage. I figured since I've now been to the town, not yet to the battleground (it's even in WITF's coverage) that I should read it. Andy has a great way of writing, including dialogue (letters of the soldiers, politicians, families, etc) that is very friendly yet incredibly informative. It's like he is on Weekend Edition, discussing movie music.
I am also suffering these days - no, I enjoy it, playoff hockey - and unfortunately the Dallas Stars are down two games to Colorado. Now mind you I like the Avs - but given my druthers, I'd just as soon not see the Stars swept in the first round. I also am becoming a Flyers fan - at least for the playoffs, but they too, have fallen two games down against Buffalo. In the wierd hockey fan status - I'd be happy as long as the Red Wings or Buffalo doesn't take the cup...I'm glad hockey is back - and indeed there is something great about the playoffs.
So, when I'm not composing my new violin piece for a July premiere, travelling to a concert, working at WITF, or doing some online work/research, this is what I'm up to!

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