Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fools

Well, I maintain that I was born ten days too late, and should have been born on the First of April.
To celebrate the day, I thought I'd post what WITF might look like if it broadcast in South Park, CO.

Tim, Morning Edition host
Cary, morning Classical Air host
John, afternoon Classical Air host
Eric, All Things Considered host
Dr. Dick, evening Classical Air host
John, Weekend host
Ellen, Desert Island Discs host
Kimilie, Operations Manager
Randy, FM/TV Engineer

Casey, Audio Systems Manager

Beau (Damon), Public Radio Capital News
Scott, News Director
Craig, Program Director
Mitzi, Radio Station Director
Paul, FM/TV Pledge Director

How well do you think I did? Compare most of us here. Create your own South Park character here.

1 comment:

jann said...

OMG! that's awesome. You know, you might want to consider adding Chef to your lineup, since he's a free agent now.
I love this. nice work!