Saturday, April 29, 2006

At the concert

I was really surprised that Henri Dutilleux was at the concert. When Rostropovich and Upshaw signaled to the audience, I almost thought they were merely thanking the few who were standing. But indeed, a slight man made his way to the edge of the stage, more applause, and both conductor and soloist bent down to kiss and congratulate Dutilleux.
I didn't get to meet Henri, maybe next time (I doubt that) - he was no where to be found - and I suspect at 90, he didn't stay around for the Dvorak. So I just met Wendy and her student at the short intermission. We chatted and discussed the first half and came back for a slow, but pretty reading of the Eighth Symphony by Dvorak. My only complaint other than amazingly slow tempos (does the slower tempo make it easier to play all the notes or does it become awkward?) - was that the trumpets seemed rather weak. (Especially compared to the bright and rich playing of both the horn and trombone sections.)

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