Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Voice of this Century - chance to hear for 2 weeks...

For the next week, maybe two, you can hear one of the most amazing mezzo sopranos ever, Joyce DiDonato. You'll be transported to Venice via a lunchtime concert at Wigmore Hall.
Link to the BBC (concert was Monday, January 16th, 2006)

Joyce DiDonato

The crazy thing about Joyce, who made her Metropolitan Opera debut this last fall, is that she went to Wichita State. We were in classes/performances together and indeed then and now, she is a wonderful star and great human being.

Joyce's most recent Handel recording

A few years back, I was a producer at NPR...another classmate from WSU was the principal second violin of the Richmond Symphony and Joyce was the mezzo for Handel's Messiah with the Richmond Symphony, George Manahan conducting. I came down and stayed with my friend for the weekend and crashed on her couch. Joyce had no idea I was coming. I popped into th dress rehearsal and suprised the h*ll out of Joyce. That night we partied in an old house in Richmond of one of the symphony board members, each of us not believing how well we were doing and at our young ages (this was in December 1996.) We drank champagne and wine til the wee hours.

Joyce's first solo disc

This year, while I won the Deems Taylor Award, Joyce debuted at the Met, and our friend Sara had her first photography show. I didn't get to make it to the Met (Sara did!) but will catch Joyce soon with the Philharmonic...the New York Philharmonic. We've stayed in touch and its just too fun to know a dear sweet talented person like her. Cheers to you dearie!
Joyce's debut solo cd is out this month and I'm looking forward to doing a radio interview with her...we've talked about it for three years now...as she's recorded Mozart, Machover, Adamo, Daugherty, Vivaldi, Handel, Berlioz, and Rossini, we're finally getting around to it! Keep an eye and ear out, I'll be sure to post the audio when it happens.

Just a reminder, its only up for a little while so listen to it while you can!!! Link to the BBC and Joyce in recital.

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