Saturday, January 07, 2006

Thinking back...

While I was updating my website and backing up files, I ran across some pictures that took me down memory lane.
Shortly after moving to Las Vegas in September 2001, I discovered a fun place to hang out and meet people - the Venus Lounge (and Tiki Bar)

The music was usually live (or amazing djs), the waitresses were very beautiful and the martinis cold (I often had the espresso martini). They were cigar friendly (as most of Las Vegas is) and ultra hip. There was a leopard print carpet, b&w photos of old Vegas and even an Elvis poster in Japanese!
I got to know the staff and would often meet friends for a drink and cool sounds. I heard Lounge Against the Machine there for the first time. Richard Cheese and his cats (Bobbie Brie, playing keys...) were a hoot.

There would occasionally be some burlesque, and who knows who you would run's also where I saw Art Vargas (mondo cool singer) and hung out there with him and his chicks; and one night met a leader of a local jazz/blues group who also grew up in Kansas - I even knew his piano teacher from Wichita State.
Later in 2002, the Venus Lounge changed and now unfortunately doesn't exist - there's a different club in its place at the Venetian.

But I remember the Venus Lounge well. I even have some memorabilia if you need a drink to be stirred or a monkey to hang on your glass.

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