Sunday, January 08, 2006

E town

Well, it's here!
I bought an electric violin on Ebay...played on it tonight for the first time. I really didn't think it would be that different, although I have to admit of never having played a totally electric violin before.
But there are several things that will take a while to get used to...mostly bow arm stuff, which I have to say is tricky.
Pressure seems to be a much larger factor than I'm used to on my fiddle. That may sound funny, but it's much more sensitive than my normal violin. Also the strings are at a little different angle, my guess is that it's a goofy bridge, or at least seems so to me. So even touching another string is noticed greatly - of course I'm wearing headphones at the moment. It may change when I get an amp this weekend! But there seem to be some adjustments and practicing in store.
A coworker suggests I get a pink tie to match - I told her I'd think about it...I actually own a few pink ties, but something radical may be instore.

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jann said...

That is one sexy fiddle, John Clare! Wow!