Thursday, January 26, 2006


Travelling is on again for me. This Saturday and then the next Sunday (Superbowl Sunday) I'll be in New York City...ah, Manhattan.
[I'll see old friends from WSU on 1/28 and hear/meet Joan Tower on 2/5]

Also this next month I return to Las Vegas for a LONG weekend of seeing friends and music. Thomas Leander and his lovely wife Susanna are performing. I'll also catch Penn & Teller (pancakes or waffles? I'll let Teller decide) and get into crazy conversations with my musician friends. Oh and cocktails at Tangerine and the IceHouse. And food at the Palms.

Speaking of food, Rachael Ray recipes are going well. I'm never in a rush and don't do them in 30 minutes, and that's ok. They taste great!

Excitement and good news that a friend is completing (after 2 years) a symphony. Reminds me that I have compositions to finish and to plan a violin recital this year.

Didn't win powerball, oh well. I love my job anyway.

Last night I filled in for Listener Requests (Whad'ya want? by the Michael Feldmanian/Strawserian alt title) and had fun. A bit of exercise physically (running back and forth to the library to control room) and mental (figuring out the exact piece they might want, and getting the timings to come out ok for network news and billboards.) Several folks complimented, always appreciated.

Martina is out of the Aussie Open, then Clijsters was injured - almost wished it had happened in the Quarterfinals so Martina mighta had another chance. Oh well. Just happy she's playing again. I'll catch her at the US Open this fall (if she enters) - I've talked about that for a while and this is just the excuse I need to go to Ashe Stadium!

Advising a friend about cigars for his upcoming bundle of joy in May. Hard work indeed.

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