Monday, January 30, 2006

Concert organizer

I've often been called somewhat of an instigator of classical music...see the quotes on the right hand side of this page? When I wasn't serenading a young lady with my violin, singing Happy Birthday to Bach or just hanging out in the east lobby of the practice rooms of Duerksen Fine Arts Center(D.F.A.C.), I was getting folks together to play music.


Since my days at Derby Senior High School, I had my nose in scores and my head in the clouds. (Insert Debussy Nocturne (Nauge) here, hahaha.)
In college I formed I Virtousi di Wichita State, the Contemporary Music Festival, the Wichita Chamber Orchestra and many, many pickup groups that gigged around town. Later I founded the Las Vegas Chamber Music Society, which I will visit in February with Pianist Thomas Leander.
But the first "big" event that came along at WSU was the "Silly Concert" - March 31st, 1989. (April Fool's Eve) We charged a quarter ($0.25) admission and raised enough money to buy 2 cds for the WSU Music Library. (Another concert garnered another three compact discs that fall.) [I'm amazed you can see it on the library records!]
I'm going to share some of the video that was made from this concert.

Let's start with the Bach/Gounod Ave Maria. Played on the Saw.
Walter Mays and Dean Roush perform.
(Hosted by Google video.)

It's about a three minute video, enjoy!

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