Monday, April 07, 2008


I've just had a breakthrough uncovering relatives of Johann Sebastian Bach. It turns out there were more children and relatives of the great master in the US.
Thanks to Elinor Frey for discovering:
L.O.L. Bach (Loretta Oprah Lorraine) "Laughing Daughter"
O.M.G. Bach (Otto Michael Gottfried) "Pious son"
W.T.F. Bach (Wilhelmine Trombette Friederica) "Inquisitive daughter"

There turns out other relatives included:
A.F.K. Bach (Alfred Friedrich Koppel) "Composed away from the clavier"
B.F.F. Bach (Bartholomew Friedemann Francis) "Trusted friend"
B.R.B. Bach (Brunnhilde Rachel Barbara) "The travelling sister"
B.W.V. Bach (Baptiste Wilhelm Viet) "Genealogical brother"
C.Y.A. Bach (Catharina Yetta Augusta) "Much adieu daughter"
N.O.O.B. Bach (Noah Oren Ornette Bernhard) "Unexperienced cousin"
D.0.0.D. Bach (Dietrich something something Donner) "City slicker whose middle initals appear to be zeros"
P.W.N. Bach (Phillip Wotan Nicholas) "Wealthier and arrogant uncle"
S.N.A.F.U. Bach (Sebastian Nibelung Altnikol Froh Ubung) "Always wrong bungling cousin"
T.E.H. Bach (Theodore Edward Hermann) "The dyslexic brother"

There is more advice here if you run across these or other composers in concert and want to txt someone! Also, Dr. Dick's out of sight car! And you can always have a laugh with our friend Peter Schickele at the PDQ Bach website!


Alex Shapiro said...

I always knew there were more relatives in that wacky brood. There's one more not mentioned: another older brother, I.G.Y. Bach (I Got Your) "protective police detective, accustomed to going down dark alleys".

Dr. Dick said...

I was thinking C.Y.A. was "Cover Your Ass" Bach, Conradin Ysidor Amadeus, who was always quick to shift the blame to his other siblings…

But where's R.O.F.L. Bach – Rudolph Othmar Florestan Lorenz Bach? He had a short-lived career as a stand-up comedian.

And don't forget F.U.B.A.R. Bach – Franz Umlaut Basil Aloisius Rheinhold Bach who recently started working as a recording technician at WLVB…

Dr. Dick said...

Among the nephews and nieces were also S.O.B. Bach, Sigiswald Ortmund Balthasar Bach, a really nasty piece of work;

W.M.D. Bach, Wilhelmina Michaela Dorothea Bach who always kept hiding things from her dad;

K.F.C. Bach, Krispian Friedrich Chanticleer Bach (the "Ch├╝kkenFl├╝kker Bach") who opened the first fast-food emporium in Eisenach;

and who could forget I.M.H.O. Bach, Irmgard Margarita Hermione Ophelia Bach, the highly opinionated maiden aunt?