Saturday, April 19, 2008

Emerson String Quartet

I heard the Emerson String Quartet last night (Friday) at Market Square Church in Harrisburg.
Before the performance, Eugene Drucker read from his book, The Savior.
It was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Really.
They performed with passion and confidence rarely seen on stage.
But it was with ease and musicality.

They played an all modern program, and encored Bach!

Afterwards they greeted the audience and signed autographs.


Chip said...

You said they performed an all modern program, but what???

The pictures are nice, but what of what they played? They are an amazing quartet and this reader would like to have heard more about their playing...

As a composer, I find it extremely helpful to hear what an audience responds to. My own concert in coming up (4 June) so I am curious about what leaves an impression with the audience...

Maestro said...

Sorry to disappoint you Chip...but as a blogger, I only have so much time. Usually I write up a "Five Things" review for such concerts but time did not permit - however I thought it would be nice to post something about them.
So, briefly their program was Shosty 7, Janacek 2, Bright Sheng's new quartet written for them, and Bartok 3. They explained their encore was Bach since it would be a nice contrast to what they had just played - other concerts they would have encored Bartok or Shostakovich.
Good luck on your concert - but please know audiences differ whereever you go, so unless your 6/4 concert is in the midstate, I have NO idea what impression they will have.