Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chatting about a concert

Be hip, turn off that ringer when you're in a concert or playing music, but here are tips for your next rehearsal or concert - chat abbreviations for musicians!
404 = Not found
440 = time to tune
1drfl = wonderful, or Durufle’s Requiem first movement
A/s/l = American Symphony orchestra League
AFK = Away from Klavier
ATM = At the Measure
ASM = Anne-Sophie Mutter
BBL = Be back later, or Barenboim laut!
BFN = Bye for now, or Bassoon Faggott Nut
CRB = come right back, or Concert really boring!
CYA = See ya! Or Conductor Yelling Anyways
DGAF = Don’t give a frick, or Violinist doesn’t know how to tune their instrument, could be a violist!
DND = Do Not Disturb, Dungeons and Dragons, or Key of D and d.
FWIW = For what its worth, or Fricking watch its fast!
INAV= I am not a violist

STFM - Stay tuned for more!

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