Sunday, January 20, 2008

Small worlds

So it was a lovely weekend in NYC, not quite as cold as I thought it would be, yeay.
At intermission of the NY Philharmonic, I hear, "John? John Clare!" and turn around to see Curt Garey. Curt went to WSU (I'm pretty sure I tutored him in theory) and is now living in Brooklyn, playing/teaching drums; and last night, ushering for the Philharmonic when he gets a chance. Sweet.
I gave him a card and said we'll have to get a slice or coffee sometime since I'm close.
The concert was stunning: awesome Brahms 2nd PC from Andsnes and worth it to hear Muti lead Scriabin's Poem of Ecstasy. I remember hearing it in Chicago with Muti/Philly on tour in the mid 80s on a school trip.
I'm travelling more this week, and will be back in the city next weekend.

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