Sunday, November 18, 2007

Five Things about Adele Anthony

I heard the violinist Adele Anthony Saturday night at Gretna Music in Elizabethtown, PA.
1. It was a larger crowd than I thought, and a very appreciative group - very few distractions in the room - which was odd but somehow worked. Normally concerts are in the main hall, but for the solo violin, it was in a side room.
2. Adele came out and played the E major Partita with brilliance, if not with complete confidence. Musically it was rapturous and captivating, while technically not as stunning.
3. The A minor Sonata followed with more confidence, and with the same musical depth. Her sound is glorious and is perfect for a soloist.
4. After intermission, the D minor Partita was spot on. Anthony shone in every movement, and moment - from a thoughtful conversational Allemande, a speedy and energetic Courante, a sentimental and delightful Sarabande, and flashy and flighty Gigue. The Chacconne was engaging and mesmerizing, with each variation handled with care and conviction. I'm more of a dramaticist in the middle section, wanting somehow for the sun to burst forth and the Heavens to open for the major section, which seemed to just carry on in her phrasing, but was still touching.
5. The evening started with a preconcert talk about the works, including trivia questions with prizes! There were also sound examples and demonstrations on the violin by yours truly.

Adele Anthony performs the other three sonatas and partitas in February - I would buy my ticket now! And for the preconcert talk I've heard rumors of the entire score being displayed around the room, Bach madlibs and more prizes!

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