Monday, April 09, 2007

Talent quest

How was your easter? Mine was good thanks.
I spent the weekend dog-and-house-sitting for friends on a trip in the Carribbean. It was a blast. The springer spaniels were great and gave me a "dog fix" I needed.
I also produced a friend's entry for the Public Radio Talent Quest and enjoyed her company. I had a chance to chat with my parents, and with another high school friend who we hadn't touched base in a year or so.
This week will be busy as Quartetto Gelato visits the midstate, I turn 37, give a talk for the AAUW, and go to NYC over the weekend.

I've also posted my latest interview with Arnold Steinhardt here (and you might remember our discussion last year in Lancaster), and this week's composer on Composing Thoughts is John Harbison - there's some good extras here. Enjoy!


Mormolyke said...

This article cracked me up.

Mormolyke said...

Oh! One last comment - I'm meeting Jennifer Higdon tomorrow, hurrah! I was selected by my college to participate in an NNM song-writing competition, and she's giving a workshop connected to that.