Monday, April 23, 2007

Party like it's...

2007...or your 37th birthday.
So things have been busy. Not only did I turn 37 on the 11th, but I'm taking a week off and am trying to get everything ready...add the many concerts, interviews, programming, and life in general and you get one eskimo that can barely keep up, more or less blog. So here goes...starting more recently.
The Harrisburg Symphony played a wonderful concert Sunday afternoon. Henry Fogel, president of the A.S.O.L., was on hand and gave ringing endorsements for the group and Stuart Malina. Here here! or Hear here!
[photo of the talkback with Fogel, the new english horn player, the new assistant principal violist, and Malina.]

Saturday night I went the premiere of the End of Winter by Chris Whittaker at the York Symphony. This 21 year old is one to watch (and listen!) Also on the program was Zuill Bailey, who I had met years ago in Las Vegas and had seen again on the east coast. Nice to see him and as the title of this blog entry notes, party.

Thursday I interviewed maestro Donald Runnicles , seen right. Hear our interview in two parts, both are mp3s and run about 7 minutes each: [part1] [part2]
I heard the Philadelphia Orchestra with Runnicles in a wonderful program: Messiaen Hymne; Bruch Violin Concerto #1 with Janine Jansen; and John Adams' Harmonielehre. Janine was stunning and remains in my estimation one of the great players of our time. Hear an interview of mine with her here.

I wound up doing my taxes on Tuesday night, April 17th about 11pm, and had server problems - luckily it went through. Small federal refund and small state due...

The previous weekend had goofy weather. So Saturday, before the deluge, I went to Princeton and interviewed David Little - watch for his upcoming episode on Composing Thoughts. Then I interviewed Lisa Bielawa in NYC, her episode is this week - be sure and catch it!
Then (still Saturday the 14th, really) I went down to Philadelphia and had dinner and drinks with friends from Las Vegas. Bob and Jory are dear to my heart and it was awesome to see them. [Pictured left at Farmicia]

Friday the 13th was uneventful - no bad luck that is- although we we fundraising at WITF. My friend and cohort in music Paul took me out for my birthday. We'll be playing alot over the summer - check us out Memorial Day weekend at ArtsFest and at Cornerstone Coffeehouse!

Thursday the 12th I had the pleasure of interviewing and hearing cellist Elinor Frey (pictured together on the right). She premiered a piece written for her by Steven Stucky called Dialoghi (or Dialogues); and also played Seven Butterflies by Kaija Saariaho. It'll be on Composing Thoughts in May - keep an eye and ear out! I also gave a talk that night to the A.A.U.W. in Camp Hill and then had a delightful dinner with Elinor at Mangia Qui (the second night in a row for me!) [see below]

Wednesday the 11th was the beginning of the end - just kidding! I had dinner and drinks with my good friends Bob and Sue (who I had just house sat for) at Mangia Qui, one of their, and one of mine, favorites in Harrsiburg.

We then went to the Whitaker Center and heard Quartetto Gelato (QG for short) in concert, which I introduced as emcee. (picture of the unique and nice setup from the stage on the right)

Afterwards I had a drink with Elinor (pictured left) the cellist of QG, and her colleagues arrived for more drinks and cigars. We talked music into the wee hours! What a birthday! Now you know what I've been up to rather than blogging!

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