Thursday, September 07, 2006

September Settling

Well, things are shaping up around the apartment. I had a flash of redecorating thoughts - and it is taking shape!
I've programmed quite a bit of music so far in my life...from violin recitals for myself and for my students, chamber music concerts and seasons, and for quite a while now, radio shows. From daily airshifts and specialty shows, to an entire classical radio station, I've picked or selected music for myself and audiences in their home, office or car...but I've never ever thougth about music in the restroom. Until now!

Who knew that old classical lp album covers would make good "wallpaper?" (And you thought some albums were just audio wallpaper, lol!)

Here are some views from my bathroom that is now adorned with great album covers of the past. It's been fun having themes: classical babes, great violinists, conductors, and just cool looking covers.

I'm posting a few views for friends who won't be able to get here from Las Vegas or Kansas. However, if you're in the area, let me know ;)

One of the very first things I set up and had the vision when I first saw the place, was behind the bar...having my Deems Taylor award and two E.M.A.s along side of it (they had been on the mantle of the house I was renting. Now, there is some great lighting for them and look nice.

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