Monday, September 04, 2006

First of Fall

Lovely evening at Gretna Music last night with the Audubon Quartet and friends with Mozart and Mendelssohn.
I took some testimonials from WITF listeners, and talked with Gretna staff and audience members about the season, et al.
Ellen Hughes asked engaging and wonderful questions as her pre-concert conversation with Tom Shaw, cellist with Audubon and his musical sons, Jeremiah and Frank. (You'll be able to hear my talk with them, joined by wife/mom Doris Lederer online soon - besides on WITF Presents, Mondays at 7:05pm) As the talk went along, I noticed a chill in the air - something I hadn't expected.
After the talk I enjoyed a cigar out behind the theater, sitting on a bench where I could hear the Mozart quintets on the first half. A nice blend of relaxation and musical enjoyment. It was also some time to think - realizing that it was turning fall already. I've been so busy, that it was a bit of a shock to think that it would be time to have sweaters ready and a jacket. Part of the aging process, time flying by...
Intermission brought about seeing friends who stopped by who live in the area and more listeners - one who appreciates Composing Thoughts, always something great to hear! I explained the new season will start September 24th. Intermission also brought about drawings/fundraising with Gretna, with some tickets, a totebag and plasma tv all given away - and everyone who won WAS present, woohoo.
The second half of the concert was Mendelssohn's charming octet and the audience loved it. Recording engineer Andrew said it was the longest ovation he'd heard this season, and deservedly so!
After the concert, more time to chat with friends and fans- also had some goodbyes. Lovely way to spend a holiday weekend even if I do have unpacking and writing to do. Speaking of which...

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