Friday, September 01, 2006

All is new again

Finally a moment to breathe with all that has been going here goes.
I've officially moved to my new apartment, and will now spend the weekend unpacking and organizing. It was nice having movers take care of things - although I forgot to have the 3 large boxes of things in the basement loaded, whoops!
I'll take out some time this Sunday to catch the last summer concert out at Gretna Music with the Audubon Quartet and Friends playing Mozart & Mendelssohn. Tom & Doris (and maybe their sons Frank & Jeremy) are stopping by today for an interview.
I also finished the second draft for New Music Box exploring sounds in PA. I'll post a link when it's up.
I was way bummed to read about Martina Hingis losing at the US Open. Dang it, I was really looking forward to seeing her advance, oh well. I have said I will definitely plan on seeing the open live next year, if it wasn't gangbusters around here, I'd be there now.
Work has been very busy, putting together Composing Thoughts episodes, we're just about to put the finishing touches on Tina Davidson's show - it's a blast and yet hard work. It'll pay off in the end I know. Just mondo busy right now, and perhaps for the first time here, stress! ;)
Also been working on travel plans and vacation. Will be in NYC two weeks in a row and have some killer concerts to see besides good friends.
Next week I get to catch up with a composer friend in Philly, can't wait to hang and eat some Thai food. I'll stay over, see some art and head back to Harrisburg the next day for the Concertante concert and the world premiere of Lowell Liebermann's sextet for One plus Five.
It's supposed to rain quite a bit, Ernesto is making its way up the coast, and last week I joked to a friend about the two hurricanes so far being named "Ernesto and John" (see previous entry for humor.)
I'm looking forward to starting some movement/Tai Chi lessons with Sensei Tony at the Blue Mountain Lotus Society. I'd go to their regularly scheduled meeting, but I've agreed to play with the Hershey Symphony this year, and they rehearse Thursday nights, when they normally do Tai I'll inquire about lessons.
BTW, I'd like to welcome all the readers in Chicago who catch this via the lovely website set up for the arts there; the Wichita friends who stop by and the folks who seem to like classical music rumors/concert reviews, etc. ;) I sent it to friends, but didn't mention here that Andre Previn and Anne-Sophie Mutter have split and will get a divorce. I also seem to get violin searches for Gobetti (the violin my mentor plays) as well as playing violin. How can I increase the cigar traffic? hahahaha
Happy September!
More soon!

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