Friday, February 17, 2006

quick update/preview

This weekend is Shostakovich-rific with the 5th and 10th symphonies being performed in the midstate.
I also have a social engagement at Penn State to attend on Saturday.
However, in the can are some wonderful interviews with James Galway, Maria Bachmann, the first violinist of the Parisii 4tet, Joyce DiDonato, George Crumb and Joan Tower that I need to edit and post...or at least produce a little.
I wish I could make it to the world premiere of Jennifer Higdon's Trombone Concerto this weekend, but can't fit it in with everything else (it's in Pittburgh.)
I'm also gearing up to take some vacation in Las Vegas this next week.
So there it is. More to come, as they used to say on the Tonight Show.

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