Friday, February 10, 2006

Guilty Pleasure

I have a weakness. Ok, one I'm willing to share with you. ;)
Despite my penchant for Polish modern music, practicing octaves until I get lost in the sound, staring at wisps of smoke from cuban cigars and trying every Rachael Ray recipe I can get my hands on...I watch TV on Tuesday nights. I mean I make it a point not to miss it. And there are three very good reasons for this.

Gilmore Girls.

Commander In Chief.

Boston Legal.
It used to be I had to catch the Simpsons (and I do when I think about it.) and there was seeing all the missions of the NCC 1701C with Captain Picard et al. Of course, it doesn't help that I own a 61" Sony big screen TV. I quite enjoy having a fishtank video running when I know someone is going to see it for the first time. Ask me, I'm happy to play it! (I also have a fireplace video.)

But the writing and casts for these three shows are simply stunning. I laugh, think, and get wrapped up emotionally with these guys. And the other amazing fact is that they are scheduled (at the moment, this season) that I can actually watch them from one to another. And one night.

Now mind you, I try to catch 30 minute meals every evening, but sometimes it's a repeat or something I have made, or not for sure that I would make it. So, if I am at home, I do see at least what the menu is with Rachael. Sometimes, instead of making dinner then, I'll practice, and "Yummo!" is combined with my scales, improv and polishing.

But Tuesdays, I am hanging out with Loralei, Mackenzie, and Denny Crane. Not hard to imagine me joining Allen and Denny out for a cigar, advising the president of NEA & CPB funding, or well, let's say enjoying the company of Loralei & Rory.

I'm hooked, and since it seems to be such an easy, wonderful thing, I'm sure it will change on the networks...actually, since the WB is going off as well as UPN, to a new station, what are the odds that it will keep the schedule (although I've heard that they won't cancel Gilmore Girls!)
So, for the spring of 2006 anyway, I'm hooked Tuesday nights.

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