Sunday, February 05, 2006


From my interview with George Crumb, here's a glimpse of a genius at work:
MP2 File
George plays part of a new folk song cycle he is working on...that he had sketched that morning. "I wonder as I wander"
It's going to be part of Composing Thoughts, an occassional series on WITF featuring composers and their craft.

BTW, George is up for a Grammy Award this year again:
Category 103 - Best Small Ensemble Performance (with or without Conductor) (Award to the Ensemble (and to the Conductor.))
Ancient Voices Of Children David Colson, conductor; Tony Arnold, Courtney Hershey Bress, Kathryn DupuyCooper, Mark Foster, Susan Grace, William Hill, John Kinzie, Justin Murray,David Starobin & Dale Stuckenbruck
Track from: Complete Crumb Edition, Volume Nine [
Bridge Records, Inc.]

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