Saturday, September 27, 2008

Orpheus Answers

Enter to win tickets to the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, and pick up their new recording of Mozart Piano Concerti - it rocks!

Question 1: Orpheus' latest recording on EMI Classics, set for release in October 2008, features which young pianist?
Jonathan Biss

Question 2: Orpheus' newest member musician, trumpeter Louis Hanzlik, holds degrees from which two colleges? (2 answers)
University of Iowa and the Juilliard School

Question 3: What foundation is the official tour and radio broadcast sponsor of Orpheus?
MetLife Foundation

Question 4: What five European countries will Orpheus tour in February 2009? (5 answers)
Italy, Germany, Luxemborg, Austria, Slovenia

Question 5: Which piece, premiering on the October 16th performance at Carnegie Hall, is inspired by one of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos and titled after a major landmark in Germany? Brandenburg Gate by Paul Moravec

All entries with completely correct answers will be entered in a drawing to be held on October 6, 2008.

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