Friday, September 05, 2008

Five Things about the Lee Trio

I heard the Lee Trio at Ruth Taylor Hall at Trinity University tonight as part of the Redeemer Fine Arts Series.

1. The concert was beyond capacity, about the time the concert was supposed to start, they added chairs on stage to fit more audience. What a great thing!

2. The Bernstein piano trio is a youthful work that shows alot of promise - and in the hands of Melinda, Angela and Lisa Lee, very convincing. I heard lines I hadn't before, and was convinced I should listen again. Especially fun was the March, with playful pizzicati and charming harmonic bends.

3. Franz Joseph Haydn put his stamp on many genres - the symphony, string quartet and piano trio. This performance was a real delight, showing the humorous side and long melodic lines. Lisa was especially agile in fluid passages and Melinda brought the right flavor to the keyboard, with Angela providing a solid foundation. It was music making without effort and truly charming.

4. After intermission, Schumann's dark d minor trio finished the program - as the Lees said from on stage, it ends "with hope." The brooding first movement was unclear to my taste, but things came together for the flashy second movement. Ensemble was precise and crisp, nothing was left without care - each line getting the right umph. Lyricism prevailed in all parts for the slow movement, with especially beautiful singing from the strings. The finale came and flew by, tempi were always fresh.

5. It was awesome to see people of all ages at the concert, but lots of young people (there must have been a third of the audience under 12 years old!) were enjoying it and were well behaved. If you have a chance to see the Lee Trio - do so, you won't be disappointed!

The Reedemer Fine Arts Series continues in February with John Patitucci.

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