Saturday, September 06, 2008

Five Things about Emmanuel Borok

I heard the Musica Viva presentation of Musical Bridges Around the World of violinist Emmanuel Borok and pianist Anya Grokhovski-Michaelson.

1. The house of Susan and Aubra Franklin is gorgeous and set a wonderful background for the evening. Guests mingled beforehand and enjoyed the company, hors d'oeuvres, and house.

2. The program began with Kreisler's Variations on a theme by Corelli and was a perfect start. Balance was good and the tone singing.

3. Mendelssohn's F Major Sonata continued the program and while it is a gem, it is not a masterpiece. Borok and Grokhovski-Michaelson were enthusiastic and brought life into this lesser known work.

4. "Bonbons" consisted of more Kreisler, Brahms, Massenet, Kroll, Gluck, and a Russian gem "The Happy Violin." They were chosen by the Franklin's youngest daughter from a stack of music. Things were light and quick, with good taste and brilliant technique.

5. Borok is an old school violinist -his playing reminds me of Mischa Elman. His is a classic and very laid back approach, and his vibrato is lightning quick. Grokhovski-Michaelson was a delightful collaborative pianist who worked well in the program.

They play a similar program tomorrow afternoon at 3pm at McAllister Auditorium in San Antonio. Find out more here. Children under 13 are free! (and get to help pick the bonbons on the 2nd half of the program!)

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