Monday, March 17, 2008


Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I'll be blarin' the green on WITF from 12 to 3pm today, including the Celtic Symphony and Michael Torke's Green from Color Music.
Friday I caught up with coworkers and past coworkers at LBC before hearing the California Guitar Trio and Adrian Belew Power Trio at the Whitaker Center. It was sweet seeing my friend Bert Lams jam with his group, I have all the the California Guitar Trio cds, but hadn't heard them live. I enjoyed Adrian's group as well (and found great blogs about them, including the drummer and bass player's mom's blog!) but after a long day, needed to get rest.
Saturday found me working on some projects and then at Cornerstone Coffeehouse in Camp Hill, jammin' with my friends Paul, Hank and Zach. Lots of new tunes and no Irish music (the nice sized crowd didn't call for any!) and it felt good.
Sunday was more independent work and rest.
Tonight I'll lift o' pint with friends at a Mexican restaurant I've never been to, Herbies. I'll let you know what I think.

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