Thursday, March 13, 2008


I want to hear from my friends about this one...
"After a while, you kind of get used to it."' That's what Kory McFarren says about having his girlfriend live in his bathroom for so long that her body became stuck to the toilet seat.
McFarren says Pam Babcock had a phobia about leaving the bathroom. After she went in, he says "time went by so quick'' that he can't pinpoint exactly how long she was in there.
He says Babcock wasn't sitting on the toilet the entire time. He says she moved around, bathed and changed clothes. He also brought her food and water and they talked.
But she wouldn't leave, and McFarren says he finally called police for help last month when Babcock began acting groggy and disoriented.
McFarren says he should have gotten help sooner, but Babcock's an adult and made her own decision.
Babcock is reported in fair condition at a Wichita, Kansas, hospital. McFarren says she has an infection in her legs that has damaged the nerves and she could end up needing a wheelchair.

In other news, Wichita is the 2nd best city to find a job in according to ABC News (via Dr. Dick)


Jann said...

Hey, don't be dissin' the Doodah! The dateline I saw on that story was Ness City, thank you very much!

Maestro said...

Hey, I mentioned that Wichita is the 2nd upandcoming city for employment...but Ness City is still in Kansas (just out west near Hays - had to look it up, not sure I've ever been through...)