Friday, July 06, 2007

Pre 7-7-7

Thought I'd try to catch up on some of my activities. Happy belated Independence Day, btw.
Let's go back to last month's Next Generation Festival at Millersville University:
They played Beethoven, Brahms and Franck. I was less than impressed with violinist Ben Breen, who has the fine art of making a bad face and grimacing, even when he isn't playing out of tune. The balances were hard to make out clearly, other than the piano, which was bad for the wonderful violist and cellist, but not so much for Ben.
Juliette Kang was stunning in the Franck Violin Sonata. Definitely made the evening hearing her. I would have rather heard something new though...while it was fine chamber music, something from the 20th or 21st century would have been fitting, especially with players of Juliette and Awadagin's musical capabilities.

I also caught the last of the Notable Women Festival with the Orchestra of St. Luke's Chamber Players, curated by Joan Tower. It was an awesome concert, not as far out as I thought it might be; and I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to interviewing Julia Wolf, who's string quartet was quite stunning. I also enjoyed meeting Joan LaBarbara and hearing her solo oboe with tape piece will not be soon forgotten.

Hmmm. I forogt that during the Piano Event with Reif Snyders that the Berenstein Bears

were at work, and I posed with them - as a joke for my friends Stu and Julia (who's names you can read on the decorated plates the volunteers made.) Too funny.

Here's where I spend my weekdays from 12 to 3pm.

From Berenstein to the Leonard Bernstein Center and the leadership institute that Gettysburg College held a few weeks ago - wow! I felt like I was hugged by the arts. I could only attend one day, but it was well worth it. Brilliant minds, great arts and seminars.

I felt very good and renewed my artistic spirit. Nice to have met director Ken Pool, as well as Alexander Bernstein.

So that is part of what my June was like, just been busy. More soon on my DC trip last weekend!

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