Tuesday, November 21, 2006


or "De-stressing, a guide by your eskimo friend, JC"

While a good portion of my life is taken up with classical music, friends and family...another portion is devoted to sleep, er I mean watching tv! Sadly, Gilmore Girls has been disappointing (even the NY Times wrote about the seemingly lackluster scripts). However, this season - the DVR definitely helps! - I've discovered some other shows that have kept my interest.

Since I no longer live vicariously through Lorelai and Luke's romance, I now have Ted and Robin to make the world right.

You see, Ted, Marshall and Barney are all friends now, Lily is funny and a little annoying, but I adore Robin played by the stunning

Cobie Smulders on How I Met Your Mother on CBS.

Defintely check out Barney's Blog and Swarley dot Com.

Then there is Shark on CBS. James Woods is hilarious, and Jeri Ryan, well, is the gorgeous Jeri Ryan - who was finally used in an episode as more than a recurring cameo last week. This is a pretty good ensemble cast.

And Ugly Betty. Of the new, hip shows, this is both, with a good cast, outrageous and funny scripts. Salma Hayek is the producer and also stars in it. Yowser. ABC has scored with this one.

ABC continues to please with Boston Legal, although after they cancelled Commander-In-Chief last year I was really mad. Oh well. I do recommend watching CiC on DVD, the two volume set is affordable and makes a great arc. Okay, I am mad again at ABC!

There have also been some older shows that I've been watching as well, now that I can have "series" recordings, like NewsRadio. What a hoot.
I really was bummed when they didn't renew Everwood - it would fit nicely on the CW....oh well, you can catch the reruns on ABC Family (who then air Gilmore Girls afterwards!) - because there is only one season (the first) on DVD. Hopefully this will be corrected in the future and the other seasons will make it.

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