Monday, November 06, 2006

5 Things about St. Luke's Concert

Carl Iba, Regina Barrett and the Ravel Trio played Haydn, Bruch, Martinu and Schubert Sunday afternoon in Schaefferstown, PA.

1. It's fascinating to see a musician use technology in live music! Dan from the Ravel Trio used an electronic score for the Haydn - I wish I could have asked him about it.

2. Double Bass transcriptions work so well, and it's nice to hear them played with such grace and musicality. (I think violists should steal Bass repertoire!)

3. The real gem for me was hearing the outstanding musicmaking between Carl Iba and Simon (SEE-moan) Maurer in the Martinu.

4. Hearing the Trout Quintet always makes me think of two pieces - Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata and Brahms' Second Symphony: Surely Schubert knew the Beethoven and surely Brahms knew the Trout...there are passages in each work that my ear always seems to perk up to certain passages.

5. Almost every audience member was a fan of Carl's; and they all let him know it - I've never seen so many well wishes and hugs for a performer after a concert. A real warm feeling on a chilly fall afternoon! Bravo!

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