Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Video ala google

I'm so digging the video hosting by Google. Can you believe over four hundred (yes, 400!) folks have watched a trumpet get smashed?! Or that over a hundred (yes, 100) folks have listened to Ave Maria on the saw?!
Well, let's see some more fun and funny classical videos from the 1989 Silly Concert (April Fool's Eve, March 31st, 1989) that I've uploaded.

Funeral March (a take on Liszt'z Hungarian Rhapsody) with 2 Double (that's double double, hehehe) Basses and piano.
Google Video

The Pink Pig (Russ Widener performing the Urtext version of his Pink pig - "stolen" by a Hollywood composer (Mancini?) in rare form!)
Google Video

Young John (was I ever this young or skinny?) takes a bow in between - of course the stage manager and organizer should get a bow! It's a Silly concert for goodness sake!
Google Video

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