Friday, July 29, 2005


Got through a ton of automation spots, my first for WITF. I'm also filling in for Weekend America tomorrow, before I go into NYC.
I'll get to see my friend Thomas Leander, and meet his wife. Thomas is from Germany and is one of the truly great pianists that I've ever heard. I also get to "uben mein Deutsch" - we speak half English/half German and always laugh.
I also will get to meet Kirsten Agresta, whom I'm a big fan - she's going to play in Las Vegas for the chamber music society. We've corresponded over 2 or 3 years, and talked on the phone, but it's always nice to actually meet someone in person.
Recently I've met an artist manager who I worked with on and off for a few years, AND a NPR producer that was a friend of a friend, who I had also emailed, phoned, and finally got to meet.
All of this a result of being out east.
I love it here.
Still waiting to hear from Daron Hagen and John Corigliano, if their schedules allow me to catch up with them...if not, I'll be back to NYC soon.

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