Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blast from the past

I had the most charming experience last night, reconnecting with a friend that I have known since elementary school, but hadn't seen since the summer after our senior year in high school.
It was really sweet to catch up over dinner. From family to friends, old memories and laughter it was wild as we talked and remembered stories - sharing things that the other had forgot, and appreciating the background we have.
We also had laughs about age, pets and loves. There was something profound talking with someone that knew so much about each other - we never dated, but just from the fact we went to school for so long, it just makes me smile.
It was also wonderful to find out what was going on the last 20 years - while we had heard about each other through mutual friends, we hadn't been directly in touch. Now that our paths have crossed, I think it will be a case of more communication and hanging out.

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