Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Music Research

I've decided to embark on a new study for new music and kissing, after reading these facts/study. Females wishing to participate should contact me directly: by email, phone or simply blowing softly in my ear.*
(I'll be seeking funding for a follow-up study of eskimo kissing and new music.)

From the Albany Times Union:
-The science of kissing is called philematology.
-Researchers theorize that human kissing started as a way for mothers to feed their infants, by chewing food and transferring it to their babies' mouths.
-16 muscles converge at the lip area, but a passionate kiss activates all 34 facial muscles.
-Freud believed kissing was the subconscious return to infancy and suckling a mother's breast.
-Ninety percent of the world practices kissing, but some cultures do not, including the Papuans of New Guinea and the San of southwest Africa.
-While the number varies, the Kinsey Institute says 6.4 calories are burned during a one-minute kiss.
-The Kama Sutra describes 20 different types of kissing, including the Throbbing Kiss, in which the lower lip trembles.
-Bonobo apes engage in deep tongue kissing, and chimpanzees frequently kiss to make up after a fight. Snails rub their antennae together, and great blue herons clap their bills.
-A 2006 British study found that people who lean left while kissing tend to be emotionally less available than those who lean to the right.
-A 2007 British study that compared brain scans of men and women while eating chocolate and kissing, found that chocolate was twice as stimulating as kissing for women.

*Results may not be posted because we all know I don't kiss and tell.

Scores may include Stravinsky's Fairy's Kiss, and I'll remind participants I live less than 15 miles from Hershey, PA - the sweetest place on earth!

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