Friday, October 05, 2007

Burma Meditation

This Saturday, October 6, at noon at the House of Meditation, Blue Mountain Lotus Society will hold a meditation and Metta Sutra reading in support of the monks and people of Burma in their struggle for democracy. Sanghas throughout the world will be joining with us and the Campaign for Burma. If the weather is good, they will all gather indoors, have the introduction to the event, light incense, process to the Jizo altar outdoors, read the Metta sutra together, and do silent walking meditation. The event should be finished by 12:45. It will be publicized, and please invite friends and family to come.

There will also be a silent vigil on Saturday October 6 @ noon in front of Old West on High street, Dickinson Campus. They will offer incense and give people information to sign petitions on line, as well as copies of the Metta Sutra.

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