Thursday, June 07, 2007

Catch Counterstream!

Counterstream Radio Premiere Broadcasts A Soldier's Story: a radio opera by Dave Soldier
Tune in: June 7th @ 9 p.m. EST
A Soldier's Story, a radio opera with lyrics by Kurt Vonnegut and music by Dave Soldier, is based on the death of Private Eddie Slovik in World War II, the only American soldier to be shot for cowardice since the Civil War.
Composer Dave Soldier points out that the 24-minute radio opera, which takes up as its subject matter the human folly of war, was turned down for (free) premiere or broadcast by every single station it was sent it to. "No radio station would play it. This despite Kurt's fame—possibly due to the format, or curse words, but I suspect because we so clearly did it referring to our new wars." Click here to find out more about this special program.

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