Friday, June 07, 2013

Branagh Brings Magic To Mozart Opera

Out June 11th on DVD
Not since Amadeus has anything so wonderful hit the silver screen for classical music as The Magic Flute. Kenneth Branagh brings this masterpiece to World War I in such a fashion that you are immediately drawn into the story. It simply has everything, from Mozart's brilliant score to stunning costumes, effects, and singing.
The Peter Moores Foundation has a long history of opera in English, and with Stephen Fry's beautiful translation this production is smart, witty, and touching. Sung by a delightful cast, with the musical direction of James Conlon and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, this is truly opera for all - as Mozart intended (technically a Singspiel for all)!
A scene from The Magic Flute

Nods to Harry Potter (pictures come to life), Fred Astaire (gorgeous choreography in black and white), and the Muppets (a rooster who joins in the Pa, Pa, Pa aria) join in the film, which loses the Freemasonry and racist parts of the original. It is sexy, passionate, and glorious (just like the opera).
It's about time this 2006 movie comes to United States theaters, followed by dvd release (and soon on blu-ray)! I believe it should do well at the Academy Awards.
Enjoy this The Magic Flute.

John Clare is a broadcaster, violinist, and new music enthusiast who works at Texas Public Radio, plays in the Mozart Festival Texas, and is a media advisor to NewMusicUSA.

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