Friday, April 13, 2012

Contribute to SOLI

There is still time to make a difference with SOLI Chamber Ensemble and their commission, Prelude to the End, by Steven Mackey. But there are just nine days to go!

Here are "the top ten" reasons to become a Sound Investor! (from the home office in San Antonio)
10. Limited Edition T-shirt (Limited edition, folks, limited edition!)
9. It's a SOUND investment! (double entedre!)
8. Bragging rights that you helped the 25th commission for SOLI!
7. Tax deductible - and it's never too early to start for taxes, this year the deadline for 2011 is April 17th!
6. Still three chances to get Ertan to cook and Dave to pair vino, THREE chances!!!
5. Helps expand the mixed quartet repertory!
4. Multimedia baby!
3. Meet SOLI, Steven and Mark!
2. It's "shot of energy, wave of euphoria, spiritual transcendence, transported beyond yourself as a human being!"
and the number one reason to give to SOLI's kickstarter campaign...
1. You will make a difference and help with the creation of a new work!

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