Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Release Beau Soir

Janine & John in Washington, DC
THE release for 2011 (Beau Soir will be on all of the "best of" lists I predict!) came out last Tuesday, February 22nd, with violinist Janine Jansen and pianist Itamar Golan. I had a chance to talk with Janine about Beau Soir, and her New York performances at the NY Phille poisson rouge...listen to our conversation here:

We also talked about her documentary "Janine" and this promotional video for Beau Soir, Faure's After a dream:

She was delighted to include some new works by composer Richard Dubugnon on the new Decca cd, and has this interview with him:

With sonatas by Debussy and Ravel, this disc is appealing but the outstanding colors of Messiaen's Theme and variations has never been captured so vividly or passionately. Add gems with a nocturnal theme and this makes the perfect gift for anyone. Run, don't walk to download this release or get it at your local classical record retailer!

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