Thursday, May 13, 2010


Lots of things go into work, including research, communication, I prepare to document a concert or event, I make sure cameras are ready, know what the program will, etc.
I'm looking forward to two big projects this summer and the prep work started last November! YOSA will tour in China next month and I will go along for Texas Public Radio and cover their journey. It's going to be fun to see sights, experience new things and share with others what is happening with a local youth arts group on an international tour! (I'll also get to see a talented & gorgeous composer friend from Dallas who will be visiting her family in China at the same time!)
In July, I'll be at the West Branch International Music Festival & Academy in upstate New York. The prep work for this started in February and included a great trip to Copenhagen in March. Just recently I was in New York and did more interviews and filming (watch for some updates soon!) on location.
Basically I'm amazed at the length of time to craft some things - and yet have always realized that you should not rush into anything. Quality takes time.
I'm also reminded relationships are this way too, like a project, that take time. You can't rush into something.

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