Friday, March 19, 2010


Well, it was a pretty easy trip to Copenhagen. My flight to Atlanta was uneventful and filled with the gorgeous, yet obnoxious LaCrosse team from Bowdoin. While waiting to board, they did a roll call, which while cute, made me be quite glad I brought several pairs of earplugs.
The next, longer leg was fine, I had the center row (three seats!) to myself. They had three great movies which I watched in and out of sleep: Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Invention of Lying (I really want to see this!), and Star Trek.
The cab ride to the hotel was mercifully short and the room is really amazing - looking out to the square. Odin is here and we have talked about rehearsal and dinner.
I just got back from a nice walk, cigar, and a yummy hot chocolate (mixed milk & dark) before a nap.

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Carmen & Wayne said...

Hello to you my dear friend,I am so glad to find you! It has been a few years,but we miss you dearly! Please send us an email when you can and catch up,you look good:-)
Much love to you and yours,from Carmen & Wayne,from "Cafe de la mode" in LV