Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hélène in Houston

I spoke with piano phenom Hélène Grimaud yesterday afternoon in Houston. We talked about her new Bach album, Brahms and colors in music.
Listen to our conversation: mp3 file
(Photo by Ernie Villareal)
Don't foget our converation at Carnegie Hall, or over the phone in Las Vegas.

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Tommy said...

Hi John

Thanks for sharing this interview! I have very positive vibs for Grimaud playing Brahms 1. She does it very very well. I have heard her live several times doing Brahms 1 and she gets high remarks from me. Next time you must ask here how she's doing with Brahms 2. That's a real beast. She's been on and off it for some time, a huge concerto also for someone like Grimaud... Cheers Tommy/Sweden