Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hair of the dog

With my new haircut (its not really new I got it cut 4 months ago!) I get lots of looks and comments. A mohawk (or eskiMOHAWK as I like to refer to it) is different, and as I have found out, alot of work to keep it from being a fauxhawk...what I save in shampoo I spend on shaving cream and gel, ah life's rich pageant.
So these days I am used to getting stopped in the grocery store and being asked if I am the last of my kind, at the dry cleaners asking what punk band I play in, and general stares of, oh my gosh, that guy has a mohawk, he must be a punk. Little do they realize I am a classically trained musician, who specializes in the music of our time.
So yesterday at lunch with a coworker I was asked by a complete stranger if I was in a motorcycle gang. Now mind you, I was wearing a suit (my closet remains full of clothes of a "Kansas College professor", and on most days recently, all black!) and still was asked seriously if I was in a motorcycle gang.
I replied, no, and without a beat the lady asked if I wanted to be in one, that her husband was right over at another table. Gee, I don't even own a motorcycle, could I still join a gang?!
The eskiMOHAWK is way fun, I get looks (even last night at the excellent recital of SOLI's pianist Carolyn True) whereever I go, and no doubt comments. I now am able to reply that my favorite author IS James Fennimore Cooper. Next, I need to start my own classical gang. Wanna join?

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