Sunday, October 05, 2008

Repeat Performance

I went to the SA Symphony again last night, since I had to leave slightly early on Friday, and it was again lovely. This time I heard all of the Brahms - actually the whole prgram last night...and I liked it, which is hard to enjoy the same rep back to back when it is familiar, you've played it, spun it on the radio, you know...and I liked my seat downstairs, there was a bit more orchestra sound.
Orli Shaham was delgithful, both in her simple and elegant Mozart, and in person talking. Christopher Seaman killed me with the line, "Between the two of us, we make a full head of hair." (I need to work on my British accent and I'll tell it live sometime.)
Anyway, the orchestra shone in the Britten and really made some honest music in the Brahms. Mozart, especially the Piano Concerto #21, might have been the best, except for a few flubs with a 2nd violinist who played a solo in the 1st movement with a premature chord, and some little things in the 3rd movement - but such a standard rep piece to engage me both nights is something else!

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